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Buying a Home in a New Area

Jim Cicchese pic

Jim Cicchese
Image: kw.com

As a REALTOR® with Compass, a national real estate company, Jim Cicchese draws on more than 25 years of industry experience. Jim Cicchese comes to his current role following service with Keller Williams Westlake Village, where he served as a corporate relocation specialist.

People who need to purchase a home in a new city due to a job change can take advantage of a variety of online and local resources. One of the most important resources is a real estate agent who has experience in the relocation of business professionals.

These real estate agents can recommend neighborhoods in the appropriate price range that meet buyers’ requirements, such as proximity to jobs and schools. Real estate agents can also help buyers understand the purchase and sale process and the financial aspects of homeownership in a particular city. For example, an agent who has worked extensively in a particular neighborhood can tell buyers about street parking and safety issues.

Buyers may also wish to explore websites that allow visitors to compare demographics and do research on areas that are growing or declining. Experts recommend that buyers make an in-person trip if at all possible because that is the only way to know if they will like the look and feel of a particular house, neighborhood, or town.


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