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Top Features in Luxury Homes

Jim Cicchese pic

Jim Cicchese
Image: kw.com

As a Realtor with COMPASS Real Estate, James “Jim” Cicchese draws on close to 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles County market. Jim Cicchese focuses particularly on luxury homes and is adept at matching client needs with particular home features.

In the luxury market, buyers are looking for features that support a lifestyle of ease, comfort, and enjoyment. Indoor and outdoor layouts, which include elements like outdoor kitchens and seating, allow residents in warm climates to entertain in style. Gaming rooms, movie theaters, and even home sports bars bring the party indoors, while making sure that homeowners have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Today’s luxury homes also pamper their residents in their more intimate spaces. Bathrooms now resemble high-end spas with soaking tubs, heated floors, and streamlined styling. Gourmet kitchens are still a necessity for luxury consumers, who are now demanding climate-controlled wine rooms with increasing frequency.

None of these features, however, are as hot today as smart-home technology. Integrated systems let homeowners monitor door locks, thermostats, music streaming, and more from their smartphones or tablets. These systems also control home security, a vital element for globetrotting individuals with valuable possessions.


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