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How to Taste Wine

Jim “James” Cicchese is a realtor at Compass Real Estate in Los Angeles, California. For more than three decades, Jim Cicchese has been listing and selling condos, single-family homes, and other real estate properties. In his free time, he enjoys wine tasting.

Wine tasting had been practiced since its creation hundreds of years ago, and it entails a sensory evaluation of the wine’s qualities.

It’s important to hold the glass properly during wine tasting. Although it may seem to be a minor issue, having the correct grip can improve your overall experience. The warmth of your palm may change the taste if you hold the glass by the bowl.

Before you sip, swirl the wine in the glass by holding it by the stem. This increases the amount of oxygen in the glass and allows the wine to breathe, resulting in the best flavor.

A substantial part of taste comes from your nose’s olfactory receptors, thus tasting needs more than simply your mouth.

This means you should definitely avoid wearing perfume or cologne on your wine tasting excursion since their overpowering smells may make it difficult for you to enjoy the subtle tastes of the wines you’re sampling. This is also considered polite when it comes to being respectful of other winery tasters.


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