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Top Features in Luxury Homes

Jim Cicchese pic

Jim Cicchese
Image: kw.com

As a Realtor with COMPASS Real Estate, James “Jim” Cicchese draws on close to 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles County market. Jim Cicchese focuses particularly on luxury homes and is adept at matching client needs with particular home features.

In the luxury market, buyers are looking for features that support a lifestyle of ease, comfort, and enjoyment. Indoor and outdoor layouts, which include elements like outdoor kitchens and seating, allow residents in warm climates to entertain in style. Gaming rooms, movie theaters, and even home sports bars bring the party indoors, while making sure that homeowners have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Today’s luxury homes also pamper their residents in their more intimate spaces. Bathrooms now resemble high-end spas with soaking tubs, heated floors, and streamlined styling. Gourmet kitchens are still a necessity for luxury consumers, who are now demanding climate-controlled wine rooms with increasing frequency.

None of these features, however, are as hot today as smart-home technology. Integrated systems let homeowners monitor door locks, thermostats, music streaming, and more from their smartphones or tablets. These systems also control home security, a vital element for globetrotting individuals with valuable possessions.

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Divorce Ministries at Calvary Community Church

DivorceCare pic

Image: DivorceCare.org

Jim Cicchese leverages nearly three decades of experience to serve as a Realtor at COMPASS, a real estate firm focused on luxury properties. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Jim Cicchese is active in Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, California.

Calvary Community Church has been reaching out to the Conejo Valley for several decades, beginning with a small group of believers gathering in a local restaurant. Today, the church offers a number of opportunities for people of all ages to grow in their faith, including a range of support ministries. Two such ministries, DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids, provide support for people either going through or recovering from a divorce.

Divorce can be painful, stressful, confusing, and isolating. DivorceCare offers adults an opportunity to gather in a safe environment with others who understand what they are going through. Led by experienced, empathic individuals, sessions consist of a video seminar and a group discussion. Sessions cover topics such as dealing with anger, finding help, caring for children, and growing closer to God in the midst of a painful time.

DivorceCare for Kids, meanwhile, is a Christian program tailored to children between five and 12 years old. Through games, music, stories, videos, and discussion, children experiencing divorce are given the tools they need to process their emotions and improve communication in a safe and fun environment.

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California’s Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach pic

Carmel Beach
Image: parks.ca.gov

Jim Cicchese is a longtime resident of Southern California and a licensed Realtor who has been working through the Los Angeles offices of COMPASS since 2017. One of Jim Cicchese’s favorite recreational activities is traveling up the California coast and visiting oceanside towns such as Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Rated “One of America’s Top Beach Towns,” Carmel-by-the-Sea is near multiple attractions and has many quaint shops and restaurants. The key draw of the city, however, is the beautiful white-sand Carmel Beach.

Carmel Beach offers panoramic views with features such as the rugged Carmel Point and an iconic Frank Lloyd Wright house. For a bird’s eye view of the beach and ocean, visitors can hike around the gravel Scenic Bluff Path that winds through Monterey’s cypress-lined hills and offers eight stairways down to the sea.

Nature-lovers can enjoy not only breathtaking geography and vegetation, but marine life that includes otters and dolphins. Surfers can enjoy great waves as well as crystal clear water and incredible inland views of Port Lobos and Pebble Beach.

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A Brief Overview of Townhouse Living

Jim Cicchese pic

Jim Cicchese
Image: kw.com

Jim Cicchese is a realtor with COMPASS, one of the fastest-growing real estate firms in the United States. Over the course of nearly 30 years in real estate, Jim Cicchese has excelled in the sale of various property types, including traditional single-family homes and townhomes.

A townhouse is a single-family property closely situated alongside other homes, with at least two floors sharing a wall with a neighboring residence. Unlike row houses, townhouses are not always configured in long lines. Unlike with duplexes, families owning a townhouse do not share the home with other residents.

There are a variety of benefits associated with living in a townhouse, particularly compared to a condominium. Families or individuals living in a townhouse maintain full ownership, and therefore have greater control over significant property upgrades and other maintenance and repairs. At the same time, townhouses are not as comprehensive as standalone properties and can provide owners with valuable savings.

For a better understanding of local townhouse opportunities, individuals should contact a reputable real estate professional.

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Cheeseboro Canyon Mountainbiking

Cheeseboro Canyon pic

Cheeseboro Canyon
Image: nps.gov

Experienced real estate professional Jim Cicchese has spent time with a number of the industry’s most prominent firms. Outside of his current work at COMPASS, a rapidly growing luxury brand brokerage, Jim Cicchese enjoys mountain biking through the Santa Monica Mountains and Cheeseboro Canyon.

Cheeseboro Canyon is one of the most popular destinations for hikers and cyclists in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The canyon’s hiking and biking trails, some more than 150 years old, come in various styles and difficulty levels. The relaxing, primary fire roads crossing open fields and dense forests are perfect for beginners or those looking for a leisurely ride, with the more physically demanding singletrack trails preferred by advanced riders.

More recently, cyclists have enjoyed additional technical riding opportunities thanks to the introduction of new land parcels. Cyclists can enjoy the Canyon Trail, Ridge Trail, Sulphur Springs Trail, Palo Comado Canyon Trail, and a number of additional riding paths.

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Buying a Home in a New Area

Jim Cicchese pic

Jim Cicchese
Image: kw.com

As a REALTOR® with Compass, a national real estate company, Jim Cicchese draws on more than 25 years of industry experience. Jim Cicchese comes to his current role following service with Keller Williams Westlake Village, where he served as a corporate relocation specialist.

People who need to purchase a home in a new city due to a job change can take advantage of a variety of online and local resources. One of the most important resources is a real estate agent who has experience in the relocation of business professionals.

These real estate agents can recommend neighborhoods in the appropriate price range that meet buyers’ requirements, such as proximity to jobs and schools. Real estate agents can also help buyers understand the purchase and sale process and the financial aspects of homeownership in a particular city. For example, an agent who has worked extensively in a particular neighborhood can tell buyers about street parking and safety issues.

Buyers may also wish to explore websites that allow visitors to compare demographics and do research on areas that are growing or declining. Experts recommend that buyers make an in-person trip if at all possible because that is the only way to know if they will like the look and feel of a particular house, neighborhood, or town.

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Santa Monica Mountains Biking Trails

Santa Monica Mountains pic

Santa Monica Mountains
Image: nps.gov

Jim Cicchese has been a realtor in California since 1990 when he started his career at Fred Sands Realtor before moving onto Re/Max Olson and Associates. Currently, he works for COMPASS. When he’s not working, Jim Cicchese enjoys mountain biking, especially in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Close to Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountains are an amazing wilderness retreat with access to the Malibu beaches, as well as more than 500 miles of trails.

The mountains offer many biking trails with a range of difficulty levels. One of the more popular trails is the Backbone Trail of Encinal Canyon, a great option for both beginners and experienced bikers. The trail runs 10.2 miles with a 1,777 foot ascent. The descent is one of the best parts, as it is smooth and relatively easy to ride.

On the other hand, the Dead Cow/Suicide Loop is extremely technical and not recommended for beginners. Dead Cow is extremely steep and the Suicide Loop involves many single and double jumps, drops, boulders, loose rocks, and switchbacks.